Brother’s & Sister’s

Does anyone else watch that show?? I LOVE it! Makes me want a big family… then Adelyn throws a temper-tantrum and Stone starts screaming to eat… and I’m brought back to the reality that I think I’m ok with just two! f

She likes to play “teacher” with her brother:
And mainly teaches him about Barbie’s, Princesses and “shortcakes”. You know, the important stuff!

There have been a few times these past weeks that I have had to step back and let Stone cry it out for a few mins so I could get dinner started (idk why he decided that dinner time is  his fussy time), and Adelyn goes right into mommy-mode. Caressing his cheeks, telling him “is ok baby, is ok Stone” “mommy, is ok stone?” It may be one of the sweetest things I’ve seen. She gets so worried about him when he gets upset. Such a good big sister she is!
I love my kids!


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