fresh starts

Well HELLO again. Long time no blog, huh?! Be ready for a blog marathon. I have taken all my thoughts and pictures from the past month… written them down, categorized them and grouped pictures accordingly. There are 7 blog posts to follow this one to catch everyone up.



hah, I am in love with that smile!

I finally took the plunge and chopped Adelyn’s hair! I know technically it’s not her ‘FIRST’ haircut, because I trimmed the back not too long before this. But that was just a trim… this was A CUT! Like 3 or 4 inches! It took me so long to be ok with it. After I made that first cut, I instantly regretted it. I cried after it was all said and done. And then blamed the Lover for putting the idea in my head. (“look how thick the back is and how much it has grown since you trimmed it, if you cut it all then it will all grow back so much longer and prettier” hmph.. last time I listen to him!)

But after the advice of my friend Kristy (who just had the most beautiful baby girl, and needs everyone's prayers cause baby Scarlett is in the NICU =( ), I blew dry Adelyn’s short hair with a round brush.. and fell in love with it again.


I have yet to get that Vaseline out of her dress! After about 5 washes, I gave up. It’s almost out tho, maybe 2 or 3 more and all that Vaseline will be gone.


And I’m still finding piles of baby powder in Stone’s room!  hah.

But how can you stay made at a face like that, especially when you get kisses like this:


These are just two of the several messes she makes daily. I keep telling myself that it’s her way of trying to be creative. HAH! She’s even started making messes with her food.. which we have not done since she learned how to use utensils.

Oh well… it all washes up in the end!



Spring = Tornado’s

a handwritten note?