girls night out= family night in

There is a special bond between Father and Daughter! I am so happy that my daughter has that! She has started going into our room after she wakes up, and telling Craig she loves him and giving him a hug and kiss while he’s sleeping. Then coming out and telling me “shh… daddy’s sleepin”.

She is also STILL having a very hard time in the evenings when he leaves for work. She won’t hug or kiss him goodbye, in hopes that he won’t leave. And when he does… she cries at the window with big crocodile tears streaming down her cheeks. It only lasts a few minutes… then she comes to me and says “Daddy at work”.
So on his nights off… she talks his ear off. She loves on him, and barely lets him out of her sight.

So when I glanced over from my desk the other day, and seen this image.. I had to capture it:


We’ve both come a very long way from when we first starting dating 4 years ago in Michigan. I don’t blog much about our relationship.. mainly because I’m too busy talking about the kids. But that man pictured above is amazing! He works crazy hours… and lately has been putting in close to, if not more than 60 hours a week. He’s allowed me to be a SAHM since I was 7 months pregnant w/ Adelyn, and while at first it wasn’t his cup of tea… we have made it work.
We’ve gone through a lot together, from cheating  to being broke with not one penny to our name, we’ve called it quits on more than one occasion and there came a point in time we were talking about custody issues and which days he would see Adelyn. But we always pulled through, each time stronger than the time before.
He has been sober now for three years come this July. WOW. THREE YEARS! I don’t tell him enough how much he amazes me, but he does, and I hope he knows it.


Last Friday I was suppose to head out to our local quilt shop for a “Girls Night Out” event. I had been looking forward to it all month long. But… Craig ended up not getting a lot of sleep and had been working 60+ hours. So, I did not end up going. Believe me, I was NOT happy about it. When 5:00 hit and he was still sleeping.. I said eff it!
Turns out, it ended up being a good thing. I ended up teaching him how to sew. HAH. There is something sexy about a man that can sew! (to me anyways. LOL)

(he was so mad that I was documenting his sewing! so I only got a few shots)


He made up his own pattern, based off of a hat he already had.. I showed him a few pointers on the machine, and he was off! (it helps that he’s watched his mother sew all his life). He had a few bumps (and by bumps I mean the F-bomb)… had to rip out a few seems.. and it didn’t end up PERFECT.  But he’s happy with it and I am proud of him!

(As you can see from his smirk… he’s pretty proud too!)


There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction one gets from making something from scratch. No matter what it is.
He wore it to work the following day and had a few compliments. No one believed him when he said “I made it”.. until he showed them the seems. HAH. He even had a few people ask to make them one. I could tell in his tone.. that he felt the same thing I feel when people compliment the things I make.


So, like I always say… everything happens for a reason. I’m glad I ended up staying home on the one night I was suppose to go out. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to get a snapshot of Adelyn telling Craig all about her day.



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