Good Morning

+ So this is what unconditional love looks like:




I laid in bed, snuggled under heaps of blankets, Stone at my side suckling ever so gently, my eyes had not opened yet. Contentment. I was just nodding back to sleep when I heard Adelyn start stirring in her bed. I opened one eye to look at the clock on the dresser. 5 AM. You’ve got to be kidding me, was my first thought. Then I heard Craig go into her room and get her up. Second thought, Thank God! She crawled into bed with me and we snuggled. My big girl at one side, and my little man at the other. I heard her get up, but I was still half asleep. Stone started wiggling, looking for more milk and I peeked at the clock again. 7 AM. Time to get up. I switched Stone to the other side to nurse. I did not want to start my day just yet. When I closed my eyes, I could picture the pile of dishes left in the sink, the toys strewn throughout the house, a kitchen floor with crumbs every where. My family is heading in today, and I did not feel up to cleaning. Then I heard the sound of music, a vacuum. When I finally made my way out from underneath the covers, I scooped up Stone and we headed out of the bedroom. Imagine how delighted I was when I realized the house was SPOTLESS. No dishes in the sink (they were even already drying in the dishwasher!), floors swept AND mopped, countertops and tables cleaned and sanitized, toys put away and carpet with fresh vacuum streaks. This morning was perfection! Thank you, Craig! #

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Sometimes, when I look at her, I don’t see my little baby anymore:


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How can you resist those lips and cheeks? It takes everything in me to not just squeeze and kiss all over him while he’s sleeping!




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