Paintin’ in Red High Heels

Oh Red High Heels, how I’ve missed thee. It’s been too long since we’ve strutted our stuff together! One day we shall reunite, till then…
Adelyn now struts her stuff in them, around the living room of course.
She brought them to me after a half hour of walking around in them and put them on my feet. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and thought back to those days when I wore them proudly. When I opened them and seen her smiling face, I was brought back to my life now. And remembered why I am so  happy those Red High Heels are put away… (for the time being of course).
They represent a time in my life that, while was fun, I am not entirely proud of. Mainly because some of the choices I made then I would not want my daughter to know about, let a lone do! (for those who do not know me personally… here is that life in a nutshell- I drank way too much way too often)
One day, my munchkins will be grown and staying at friends houses on the weekends, and I will break these bad boys out to strut my stuff in once again. (only with a few less drinks in my system). But until then, I will proudly exchange them for my comfy flip-flops.


Remember in the previous post about messes? Well this one was a doozy:
This one was a planned mess though. Yet, I did not plan on it getting this messy.
She was so proud of her paint job, both on the paper and herself. hah.
And in all honesty.. I think she did a darn good job! hah


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