Spring = Tornado’s

Spring is in the air. Just look at the buds on the tree in my back yard:
This means we get to go outside! Run off all that energy we’ve saved while hibernating this winter!
Adelyn has always been a lover of the outdoors! She does not pass up an opportunity to play outside… or be silly for that matter!


This picture is probably one of my all time favorites! I told her to get dressed (she was naked as usual) so she can come outside with me.. and this is what she comes to the door in! The hat and rainboots make this outfit complte in my opinion. HAH.

All that playing tends to lead to a very dirty kid! I try to make bath time as fun as possible. Bubbles were starting to get old, as were the bath finger paints. I found bath tablets at Walmart, and knew she would love them. She tells me what color she wants her bath every night (always BLUEEEE).
As you can tell from  her face… she id a HAPPY kid!

And while we all love Spring, it does have one downside. Tornado’s.
We had out first big storm last week. And it was the first time I was actually nervous about a storm! I think having kids does that to you, intensifies everything for some reason.
They had been talking about it all day. So after I put both kids down I decided to set up the bathroom incase they told me to take cover! Good thing.. because they did!
Fullscreen capture 332011 60243 PM.bmp
Neither of them knew what was going on. It got pretty warm in there with the mattress propped over us… and it was a tight squeeze. But it worked!
Notice the Juicy Juice and Crackers?? Never know if something is going to fall on top of you and trap ya in there! =)

It was a false alarm.. for us anyways. Two people died in other counties.
This is just one of the many many nights we will spend in the bathroom huddled together over the next few months.


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