Ballsy in Nashville

We were in Hooters, downtown Nashville, having lunch. Stone was hungry. So he ate. I mean.. c’mon folks… you went to Hooters and now you get to see one. HAH! oh, I kid! While I have become a bit obnoxious when it comes to nursing in public… I do try to nurse discreetly. I don’t just whip my boob out… I try to make sure no one is watching and get him to latch as discreetly as possible. But I will not cover him with a blanket or anything else. This makes people very uncomfortable, especially the Lover, and my Mother! hah.  (And I’m guessing the lady at the table next to us, as her eyes were as big as saucers)

Here is my reasoning:

  • I have seen people in restaurants slurping, burping and frankly, eating like pigs. I don’t walk up to them and say “uhm, you’re grossing me out, so put this blanket over your head so I don’t have to watch you eat”. The same goes for my son.
    • My philosophy-  IF you don’t like it, turn your head, put a blanket over your face or if we’re in a restaurant… go eat your lunch/dinner in the bathroom!
  • It is a common factor that women who choose not to breastfeed, are afraid of what others will think of them if they did. That they wouldn’t  be able to leave the house. It is my hope, that I will help break that stereotype, that a mom struggling with public nursing, will see me and find her voice!


We were walking around downtown Nashville, I was nursing Stone. My mom threw his burp cloth over his face, so people wouldn’t stare. I took it off, and was quite pissy about it. hah. This is where a few women made a remark about how “ballsy” I was (not nicely). I didn’t hear the comment, Mom did. Why  yes… I am ballsy! Thank you.

Now I could use a nursing cover, it’s really not a HUGE deal. But to me it is. I try to be this big breastfeeding advocate, and by covering up while nursing, I feel that it would be demeaning the concept. Nursing is a beautiful thing. It’s natural. It’s NORMAL!
(and in all honestly… it’s HILARIOUS to stare people in the eye while nursing. They’re just walking about there day.. in LALA land, then they see you and smile, then they realize what is going on.. and everyone’s reaction is different. Some smile, some look away shocked… some stare more, some are disgusted. I just smile at them all.)

There were tons of rude comments (all of which were out of my earshot) and dirty looks. I had a few smiles.

(reminded me of the FRIENDS episode, where Carol whips out her boob and Joey and Chandler freak out!)

So the next time you see a mother breastfeeding her child in public, go out of your way and tell her good job. Because not all moms are as “ballsy” as me, and need the positive encouragement!!!

If you find yourself uncomfortable around a nursing mom, educate yourself. The more educated you are on the topic, the less squirmy the subject will make you.

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