ebb & flow.

I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed lately. It seems that there is not enough time in the days to get everything done. So I don’t. Which makes  me even more overwhelmed.  I’m learning tho. It’s no longer hard to breathe when I see dishes in the sink.

Craig did the dishes yesterday… Why can’t he ever do things like that “just because”?  I should have known he wanted something… that something was going to hang out with his “work friends” from 6pm to 11pm. I could have stomped my feet and said no. I could have copped an attitude. I could have said “I never get to go ‘hang out with friends’!” But I didn’t. (I wanted to tho.)

OH, how I long for the the time to come when he gets the day-shift.

Adelyn was interesting (to say the least) this week.  If I was in MI, I would have had my Grandmother come over and perform and exorcism! (oh I kid!)


She was too much to handle at times. I found myself having to leave the room and go outside to count to ten… quite frequently. She stopped sleeping in her bed. Every time I’d try to put her in there, she latched on like a spider monkey! Turns out she is now afraid of the dark. After 5 nights of NO sleep, I put a lamp in her room and she went right to bed. Praise the Lord!

Stone went the whole week w/o pooping. Which means he was pretty crabby. I actually jumped up and down with joy when I opened his diaper and there was poop in it yesterday! (oh the things that make you happy once you’re a parent!)

We had GREAT moments this week too!
And thankfully, those moments outweigh the bad ones tremendously!
Ebb and Flow, baby!!
(you can’t appreciate the good ones w/o the bad ones, right?!)

Stone is learning to sit, still with some help.

Mornings filled with sisters loving brothers

And of course, Dress-Up 


Fists full of hair:



I’m super excited about Easter morning tomorrow!
Last year, Adelyn didn’t really get it. She found eggs, but was totally over it after 5 mins.
And this year, we actually have a yard to do the egg hunt in. YAY!

We tried and FAILED a few different egg decorating ideas.

Neither of us eat hard-boiled eggs… so coloring them the traditional way was out of the question. Such a waste of food.

I have a bunch of white circle stickers tho, so she’s coloring them
and then we’re gonna stick them to the plastic eggs.
She loves her some stickers!

I hope everyone has an awesome Easter!!
I know me and Craig are super stoked to get our sugar-high on!

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What a difference a year makes.

Today is NOT my Day!