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My parents have visited me several times since I moved to Tennessee. When my Mom mentioned that my Dad had never seen downtown Nashville, it was a date!

Getting Ready:

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Nic didn’t have any makeup on in the first picture… she might kill me for posting it.

I told Craig not to turn on the A/C, as it wastes gas. He didn’t listen. 30 seconds after he turned it on, freeon sprayed from the engine!

Not a great start to our Nashville day!
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It was only a slight detour. 20 mins later, we were back on the road. Windows down.

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Oh! Hello Nashville, Long time, No see!



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We parked in the famous Printers Alley.

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(don’t know Printers Alley? Sure ya do, it’s where Carrie Underwood shot Before He Cheats)
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We ate lunch @ Hooters
(Remember this

The WHOLE fam: (well, minus Charlie and Lauren!)
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After lunch we just walked….
Grant thought it was so neat to see Police Officers by horseback.

And we seen this guy: 
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He scared the bajesus outta this chick walking next to us! Grant didn’t know what to think of him either… but took a picture anyways.
We got about 100 yds away, and someone mentioned to Mom that he had a bucket for you to put change in. Mom sent Grant back with 2 dollars and a “No more pictures with people”. HAH!

The buildings in Nashville make you want to just stop and stare.

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O-La-La, Who’s that?! 
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OH yea, He’s mine! He makes me want to just stop and stare too. 

Oh Nashville. I heart you!

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Adelyn felt the electricity of the LIVE  music. She even threw a temper tantrum till we let her go into one of the bars!!!

When we finally got her out of there (kicking and SCREAMING), we walked out to this:


Yes, those dogs are real, and yes… the dreads are too. HAH!
The neatest part, is they just chill there on his bike! $

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 It wouldn’t be a visit to Nashville without walking the Cumberland River! We sat and took in the view.

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The hustle and bustle of Nashville is literally only one block over, but sitting by the river is so relaxing. It is as if you’ve walked through mirror. You can see all the commotion in a distance, yet you feel like you’re in complete serenity.

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While walking back to head home, Mom decided we needed to take a Horse-drawn Carriage.

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WOW! If you ever visit Nashville, this is a MUST!

I’ve been to Nashville a TON and never seen it the way I did behind a horse.
Again, its as if you are in a bubble,
the whole city is shaking and moving and you are watching as if it’s all in FFWD.
When you close your eyes, you can feel the energy,
the vibration of the music pulsating through you. 

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We ended where we started:


It was a perfect trip, with perfect weather and perfect company!


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*Note: Half of these pictures were taken with my iPhone. The other half were taken with my digital camera and imported to Instagram for the effects. PLEASE LINK BACK! – These pictures were taken by me, therefore, belong to me. If you choose to use them for anything, please link back! THANKS!

PS. Craig thought I was nuts. He kept telling me I was ridiculous, and asking why I’m taking a picture of “that”. Every time I lifted the camrea up, he rolled his eyes! hah.

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