Today is NOT my Day!

I was not in the mood to cook. But I was in the mood for something home-cooked.

Casserole it was.

Cooked some rice, pan seared some chicken.
Threw it in a casserole dish with veggies, some spices and a few cans of Campbells Condensed soup.

The oven had just got done pre-heating, I was about to put it in,
when I decided to look at the expiration date of the soup…


Why did I check the expiration date, you ask?
Oh, because I had just put my hand into the bag of shredded parmesan cheese,
only to pull out a handful of mold!


Looks like my cooking strike has taken a toll on all of our food!

Cereal it was.

Even tho I knew it wasn’t expired… I checked the date anyways.
I poured Adelyn a bowl,
(Stone’s been crying for about 15 mins now)
added some milk and was walking it toward the table.. when out of no where it falls… I just dropped it, not sure how!
Milk and Raisin Bran… EVERYWHERE.

All that,
topped with Adelyn’s “AWE.MAN”… I had to start laughing.
If I didn’t… I probably would have started crying!

I’d really like a large adult beverage right now.
make that a
Captain and Coke   
DOUBLE Captain and Coke!
Captains on the rocks… leave the bottle.

Here’s to your day being better than mine!

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