Stop and smell the….. Sunflowers


While driving home through a little suburb of Nashville, we came across a field of Sunflowers. The little girl in me wanted to run through them…. the big girl in me… instantly reminded that little girl of the massive spiders and ticks which are living in that field. So instead, we took pictures (plus I’m sure that the owners would not have appreciated me trampling there pretty flowers).


It’s the little things that bring joy to ones life.
Like stopping on the side of the road to smell (or snap pictures of) pretty Sunflowers.


And snapping pictures of other’s snapping pictures.

photo - Copy

photo (2)

I want to take a blanket, lay it down in the middle of this field and just stare. Stare up at the cloudless sky, feel the flowers sway in the breeze, listen to the faint giggles of my littles playing tag through the maze of sunflowers.

Life is good.

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We need a dog.

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