We need a dog.


We are so very lucky that friends of ours have such wonderful dogs. Prissy (pictured) is Adelyn’s absolute favorite.104

They play the whole time. Whether Adelyns just running trying to get Prissy to chase her, or throwing the ball and/or stick, they have a BLAST.


I firmly believe that every child should grow up with a dog. The love, understanding and devotion that a dog teaches children (adults too) can not be replicated.

The angle of this picture is sure to give someone a heart attack.



I just love the way her face lights up.


One day, soon maybe, we will add a four-legged member to our family. Till then, we will just make our weekly trips to visit Prissy and Buddy (not pictured, because he is small and for some reason Adelyn doesn’t like small dogs), (oh yea…. Mandalyn and Chris too, of course)

It’s Monday, which means while you are having the Monday Blues… we’re starting our WEEKEND.

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