The lover asked me last night “Do you think we’ll ever stop living paycheck to paycheck”

We live in a society where “keeping up the with Joneses Kardashians” is beyond reachable. We measure our self-worth with the amount of materialistic items we own.

I may not own this seasons hottest outfit. I may not own a brand new vehicle. Hell, lets be honest. I know that there will be a shut-off notice hanging on the door any day now, and have no idea how it’s going to be paid.

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What I do know is that my heart is full. I know we’ve never gone with out. Some how the bills get paid, food gets put on the table and a roof stays over our head. I know that focusing on the negative aspects of life (such as our financial stability right now) will not bring any positive outcome.

Don’t get me wrong. There have been several occasions where I’ve been stressed to the max. Where I could do nothing but cry because I had no idea how I was going to feed us for the week on $20. But He has his way. We always have full bellies, clean diapers and a warm house.

I hear “you need to start saving” a lot. This I know. When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it’s hard to save. Especially when every time you turn around something winds up broken and needs fixed. Something or someone is taking the money that was suppose to go into the savings account.

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Sometimes I think Craig feels as though he’s not doing “his job” as a “provider”. I wish he could see himself through my eyes. I wish he could see all that he does for this family. I wish he could understand the amount of admiration I have for him, his children have for him.

I could live in a little hut made of twigs with no electricity and be happy, as long as I had him and the kids. They are what makes my life complete.

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My answer to his question: Yes, maybe not in the near future, but there will be a time when money will be the furthest thought from our mind. One day we’ll be old and gray and smile at the thought of our beginning. We’ll reminisce over our struggles and use them as examples for our children’s children.

While all of our struggles are different and vary in depth, we all struggle.

Yet, our lives are plentiful. You just have to remember what’s important.

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In college we had to read Affluenza by John de Graaf. It was a MAJOR eye opener to the American culture. I swear, I highlighted every line in that book. Buy it, Read it. Love it.

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