Trip to Michigan: Part 1


Our mini vacation to Michigan was a success. I think this is the first time I went up there and was totally relaxed the whole time. Normally I’m stressing out about seeing friends, my family and Craig’s family. But this time I made a public announcement on Facebook that anyone who would like to see us can come to my Mother’s.
Definitely doing that from now on. It was so nice to just chillax.



While Stone’s face may not portray it well… the weather was perfect while we were in town. It has been so damn hot here in TN that we haven’t been able to play outside. So every chance we got, we were breathing in that fresh Michigan air.


I think it’s so awesome that Adelyn loves my parents so much, especially with us living so far away. She tends to be a little shy around them, but when she opens up, she has a blast. And OH, they spoil there grandbaby so much.


I told Charlie (my brother) to pose for me… there are a few other ones, but I’m sure he’d kill me if I posted them. HAH.


The look of admiration in her eyes is priceless. She loves her Uncle G. I’m so glad that there so close in age. Now we just need to live closer.





Stone met his future wife:


Taylor and Adelyn would so be BEST friends just like there Momma’s if they lived closer.



Don’t let the pictures of Charlie fool ya. He’s NOT a baby person. hah. But he does so well with them.
My sister is amazing too. As soon as she walked through the door from work, she ran straight to Stone and Adelyn, swooped em up and kissed all over them.

I’m so happy that my kids will grow up knowing summers and falls in Michigan. They’ll have so many childhood memories of family and Michigan. So while I post “if” we lived closer a lot, I know in my heart that they will know there family and friends. They will just cherish there memories and time spent with them a little more than if we lived closer. And I’m ok with that.

More pictures from the second half of the tip in Part 2.

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