baby garden. baby veggies.

Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, may remember a post or status updates about planting a garden.
Those of you who are newer, here’s a recap: I planted a garden.

hah. I think a better statement would be: I tried to plant a garden.
Verdict is in: No green thumb here.

After going crazy and buying tons of seeds, starting a bazillion seedlings (all of which DIED) and planting seeds, I gave up. I didn’t realize until it was too late, that the area I picked, was a tad too shady. (oops) That and the fact that we went a month with no rain, and I never bought plant food. Well… everything died.

We don’t really hang out in the back yard much.. as the mosquito's are pretty overwhelming back there, but this evening we BBQ’d. Imagine my surprise when I seen stuff in my overgrown (wannabe) garden.

No sun + No water + No plant food = Baby Veggies


Although the carrots are itty bitty. I am so proud! I hand dug this garden… literally. No gardening tools at all (I used a fork and spoon.. hey.. ya do what ya gotta do!)

eatin carrots

Adelyn asked if she could eat them…. I figure WHY NOT. So I washed them and she chowed. She loved them. My heart = happy.


And my tomatoes came up. Which I was super surprised about… because there is maybe 2 hours of direct sunlight, add the whole no water thing,  I for sure thought everything was dead. But looky:


Now I know what you’re probably thinking… wow, look at those lovely cherry tomatoes.


These “cherry tomatoes” are supposed to be big juicy plump tomatoes. OOPS.


Adelyn wanted to try those too….

eatin tomatoe

They weren't a big hit. I tried one… they were pretty sour.


Nothing else came up, there was some spinach and lettuce, which the bugs got to. Some onions, green/red peppers, peas and jalepono’s… which I can’t find.  The only thing I got were mini carrots, mini tomatoes… and one mini squash that isn’t quite ready to be picked.

Lesson learned: Do not plant a garden in the shade. Water your garden daily. Buy plant food when your soils sucks ass!

I’d love to see your beautiful gardens! Or maybe you’d like to make me feel better by letting me know there are other’s out there with a black thumb?

Have a great weekend!!

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