tea parties



I don’t want to have a tea party 20 times a day!


Really, there’s only so much fake tea I can drink. But I do it anyway. To make her happy. To make her feel special. There are times when I tell her no. But more often than not, I’m sipping fake tea. I always leave our tea parties feeling happy. This is why, no matter how much work I have to get done, or how much laundry is pilled up, if she asks for a tea party, she will get one.


Stone went to bed earlier than usual last night, as I rocked him to sleep, Adelyn was quiet in her room, playing Diego. Once I knew he was deep enough in his sleep, I slipped him into his crib, and I snuck into her room. And we had the Tea Party of all Tea Parties! Not because she asked, and really I had tons of laundry I had to put away, and this post that should have been written, but I knew that it would make her smile. We lined up her babies then we all took turns sipping and eating fake donuts. She even read us her Tinkerbelle story.


Inevitable, laundry had to be put away. We hung out in my room while I folded clothes and put them on hangers. Craig joined us a few minutes in and after all the clothes were put away, we had a pillow fight. Just the three of us. Like old times. Daddy, Mommy, Daughter. Craig and I swung at the same time…. she was a pillow sandwich. And she fell down in a hysterical fit of laughter. My heart jumped, and I had to hold the tears back. This is my little angel. This is my life. Who would have thought I could get so lucky.


Last night I needed a Tea Party, because while I know it makes her feel special. The reality of it is…. she makes me feel special!


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