rainy days.


I have to admit, we’ve gotten pretty use to the sun around here. I can’t remember the last time I seen a cloud and it hasn’t rained during the day in months. So when the clouds rolled in, and the sun was no where in sight…. I felt a little not-myself. It’s crazy how the weather can mess with your mood. That transition from Summer to Fall is always the worst.



We decided to have a picnic indoors and watch Baby Einstein. And while the weather kind of put me into a funk. I am so grateful it did. I didn’t open my computer for two days. I slept in. I sat and just watched brother and sister interact.







Something about the rain and clouds made me feel lazy… which turned out to be GREAT because…. Me and the Lover had a DATE NIGHT! This is totally unheard of. Our evenings are usually something like this: put kids to bed, turn the TV to Bachelor Pad or whatever is on ABC that night…then I grab my laptop, plop down in the chaise lounge while he sits reclined in his chair. And that’s it. NO real talking, he’s watching TV and I’m editing photo’s, writing posts, emailing, and catching up on my Daily Blog Reads.


date night

But this night was different, because after we put the kids to bed that night, we both sat NEXT to each other on the couch. Holding hands, cuddling, heads resting on shoulders. You know.. the things real couples do. I honestly can not remember the last time we actually sat by each other in our own living room. And while I didn’t get all dressed up, and it wasn’t a night out on the town… it was the best date night I could ask for.

The movies: (for those who asked)

Faster. I’m not one that is a big a fan of action movies (OK, really I love them.. it’s just if I had my choice.. I will always pick a mushy chick flick!). But put Dwayne Johnson as the star role… and you’ve got me HOOKED! Two reasons: 1.  I’ve never seen a movie he was in that I did not like. AND 2… c’mon.. those muscles, that face. yea.. I can definitely stare at him for a few hours. And the movie was really good!

No Strings Attached. Total chick flick.. totally me! It was great. I laughed, I cried. Happy ending. Definitely would watch it again.

Just Go With It. Adam Sandler is one of my favorite actors, as is Jennifer Anniston (I have every season of FRIENDS on DVD). Put the two of them in a movie.. and you’ve got the best movie. Both Craig and I loved it. Craig said it was one of the best movies he’s seen in awhile (and he watches a lot of movies… hah). We laughed hysterically so many times. The little boy in it.. hilarious! There was a line in there where the little boy said that his dad doesn’t have the time for him. OMG. It broke my heart. It made me think of all the times Stone is fussy or Adelyn is wanting to have another Tea Party.. and I put it off cause I’m trying to get orders out or posts written. I hope that my kids never have to feel that I don’t have time for them. I hope they  realize that they are my first priority… no matter what.

Date night might not be a daily or even weekly thing around here. But it will become a (at the least) monthly thing. I’ve realized that I am always placing Craig on the backburner. And while there will be times when I will have to put him there, I need to remember that the computer can be placed on the backburner from time to time too. Because when I place Craig on the backburner.. it’s not just him that’s being put on hold.. it’s our relationship. Balance isn’t about figuring out what works all the time, it’s about figuring out what works at any point in time and just going with it. Go with the flow baby!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

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Wordless Wednesday: Date Night