messy cupcakes. clean laughter.

I know it’s kind of traditional for baby to have their first taste of sweets on their 1st birthday, but I just couldn’t hold hold off. Sister was eating one, so of course brother had to have one too.


He now knows what heaven tastes like. HAH. He devoured that cupcake. Adelyn, however, just ate the frosting off of a few.

first cupcake


chocolate teeth

Uhmm. Exucse me Miss, you have a little something on your teeeth.



nom nom

After big messes are made, bath time shortly follows! At one point, not too long ago, bath time was a hassle. Now, bath time is my favorite! The laughter just echoes through the house! Stone stands up on the edge, and then like the daredevil he is, throws himself back, making a huge splash. Adelyn starts to get the giggles that soon turn into hysterical belly laughter.


bath laughes

See. Her smile is contagious, I can’t look at this pictures without laughing. Probably because I can hear her laughter in my head.



While we usually end up with an inch of water on the bathroom floor, it’s nothing that a few towels can’t dry up! All the laughter and fun makes it worth it. (Try telling that to Craig! hah)

And then it’s bedtime. All tuckered out, snug in Fall PJ’s. Bedtime is another favorite time of the day. It’s a time I look forward to, peace and quiet. Once that peace and quiet occurs, I sit back, reminisce on the days events, look in on sleeping babies, with pouty lips, who are oh so still. It takes everything in me not wake them up with snuggles and kisses. I don’t, because I know once they’re awake, I’d be cursing myself. So I just smile, knowing that once morning time comes, kisses and snuggles will be had.


What are your favorite times during the day??

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Bath Time FUN

… never doing that again.