… never doing that again.

We went hiking. This you already know. What you may not know is that we went hiking again… the following day. While I’d love to say it was as amazing as the first trip. It was not. We were more prepared: water bottles, knife (you know.. for all those damn mountain lions and bears! hah), tennis shoes (I don’t own boots… I do.. but not the hiking kind), snacks, change of clothes, maps, an actual back pack, etc.... I thought it was going to be perfect.


And then Life happened. Hah. It started out frustrating. I wanted a back carrier for Stone, and we bought one.. but after an hour of trying to figure the darn thing out… I got annoyed. I thought I had it.. but when I tried putting him in.. it didn’t look right, nor feel right, so back to the store it goes. Don’t know why I would ever think a carrier would be better than my Moby!


Adelyn was a character (to say the least!) and when you scroll down to see the next picture .. know that this was her face/attitude the whole time!

adelyns face
adelyn looking up

Our nerves were tested! She did not want to listen. The reason? a) She did not nap. b) It was a very wooded trail. The first trip, was very scenic and we were stopping every few minutes to see how high up we were and take in the scenery. This time we were on a mission. Not so fun for a 2 year old.



overly positive attitude

took over and made the best out of it. We pretended we were with Diego, on a mission to find the Chinchilla.. She kept saying she was scared because the Puma’s were up ahead (have you seen that episode? LOL). We crossed bridges and pretended we were balancing. It did the trick for awhile… every time she would stop and try to wonder off the trail, I’d tell her to freeze and listen “I hear the chinchilla.. lets go”.

water break
waterr break

Then came this creek. Oh that damn creek! She wanted to cross it by her self, I’m guessing there is some Dora or Diego episode where they do this. GAH!

Right pass the creek was a park, so her tears quickly turned into smiles… then we had to cross it on the way back. I tried to let her do it herself, I wanted her to do it herself, but for some reason, she thought she could go swimming.

The rest of the walk to the car, she kicked and screamed.


The more we get out and do things like this, the more she will be comfortable and know what’s going on. Tantrums will be further and farther between. (She’s a creature of habit, and HATES any sort of change!)

Looking back, I’m glad we went, all the





wet feet


it was worth it.

us at creek

When we finally got to the truck I told Craig “WE ARE NEVERRRR DOING THIS AGAINNNNNN!!!!!”.

Confession: I can’t wait to go back and do it again! Tantrums and all!

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