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So our neighbor across the street is always blowing his leaves. Every day. I hear him, I see him, and I always think, why doesn’t he just rake them.

Raking leaves is something I associate with fall. Spending a cool breezy afternoon raking up big piles of leaves and then jumping in them, rolling around and making it rain leaves.


That is until yesterday. When I went to the store and finally bought a rake. Went into the back yard and raked leaves for  2 hours, barely putting a dent in our tiny back yard. When I was heading to the back yard, rake in hand. I had this vision of big piles of leaves, green grass everywhere, and Adelyn having a blast jumping and rolling in leaves.

Two hours later, I had 3 piles of leaves, and a teeny tine patch of green grass. I stopped, looked around and said EF this!

walking through leaves

Really all I wanted was for Adelyn to have fun jumping in the piles of leaves. And well, while I was raking, she wasn’t. Because every time she’d go to run into a pile, I’d make her stop, because I just spend forever getting all the leaves into that pile. Raking the leaves had consumed me, and I forgot the real reason I was out there. Not to make the yard look good, but to create a tradition, create a memory that so many of us have from our childhood.



This wasn’t fun, for me, or her! What was I thinking. I set the rake down, grabbed my camera and told her “OK, go jump in the leaves.”

The leaves are still everywhere, and I don’t think you can even tell I raked. But we had fun. She had fun running through big piles of leaves. And that is what it’s all about. Right?

So hey, Mr. Leaf Blower, you’ve got the right idea! One day, I too will own a leaf blower! Raking is for the birds.

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