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I’m a little late with this weeks confession post. To be honest, I couldn’t really muster up the energy to even think of a confession. So I decided to share some photo’s of our weekend.

My parents came down to visit and get my sister all moved in. We had planned on taking them to some of the beautiful places we’ve found over the past few months, but Mother Nature decided it wasn’t in our cards. So we headed to downtown Dickson, since it’s only a few mins away. Mom and Dad had never been, and while it’s a small little strip, there is a ton of history and fun shops.

Dad and Grant brought their bikes, so while us ladies window shopped, they tried to find some fun things. AND they did!! There was some sort of war re-enactment. Grant found some bullets, and the men were kind enough to let him take a picture. This was great! My little brother loooovesss everything Military (COD anyone?!) He’s always so bored at my house, so I’m glad he’ll have the amazing memory!!!!


I wish we all lived closer. I wish that this was a weekend tradition, instead of just a few times a year.


Confession: I NEVER take pictures when people come to visit. I don’t know why, I plan to! I think about it… and I always fail. I take more pictures of random toddler tantrums, than a week visit with my parents. GAH! This has to change!!!

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