Both kids are sick. It started just after Halloween. I’m behind in, what feels like, everything. The blog, the shop, the house.
Momma duties come first.


At first, Stone was extra clingy, not wanting to be put down. Which I chalked up to teething. Then Adelyn was glued to my hip. Which I chalked up to jealousy. Then Friday night, Stone was up all night, with a 103 temp. Now, when I say up all night, I don’t mean, up a bunch of times, I mean, literally, up, non stop, no sleep, all night. I couldn’t get his fever to break. I couldn’t get him to stop crying.

Off to the doctor we went the following morning. Double ear infections. Instruction to up his dose of IB Profen and he was put on an antibiotic. He took a 3 hour nap, and then slept for 12 hours straight that night.

Sunday was a good day. Until 630 hit. Adelyn wouldn’t get off the couch. She just laid there, tired. She fell asleep, and I just figured the time change was the cause. Until 8PM hit and she was vomiting in my cupped hands. Shaking like a leaf. Crying. A 103 temp. What is going on with my baby?! A dose of Children's Advil and she was asleep. Burning up, shaking, but sleeping. Up again at 3AM. Stone on one side, nursing, Adelyn on the other vomiting, all over the pillow. GAH! More Advil. More sleep (please?) (Is it sad that I just threw the pillow full of vomit onto the floor to take care of in the morning?? LOL)

Morning came, her fever had broke, and both kids seemed to be in high spirits. A few hours later, the fever was back, the shaking, barely able to lift her head. The Doctor says it’s just a stomach bug. I’m paranoid. She’s never been this sick. Never been this lethargic.

I feel helpless. Both babies sick. Both babies in pain. And there is nothing I can do. Oh how I wish I could make them feel better.

Yet I am thankful. Thankful that this is not a daily occurrence. Thankful that it is just a stomach bug. Thankful that I don’t have to sit and watch doctor’s pump poison into my babies hoping it kills what’s killing them. Thankful for our health. And full of admiration to those momma’s out there who have terminally ill littles, who put on a brave face full of smiles for their little ones, every day. Admiration for those momma’s who only wish they could be up all night wiping tears and cuddling, but instead are waiting for the day they finally get to meet  their babies. My heart aches for them. 


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