baking | a confession

Truth be told, writing this confession post is the furthest thing from my mind. I’d rather be baking Christmas treats and gluing sparkles to paper with my girls!


I say baking, but is it still considered baking when every thing I am making is NO-BAKE?? I say YES. But you Culinary Queens will probably frown upon that. ‘Tis ok, though. I never proclaimed to be an artist in the kitchen. AND… no bake IS kind of the same thing as baking. It’s mixing ingredients just right, and instead of putting them in the oven, you just put them in the freezer. Ah, yes… baking is what I am doing…. so I’m off to bake, or not bake.. whatever.

Recipe for cake batter bites w/ sprinkles is here.

Bow made from this tutorial.

Confession: All the Christmas treats I’ve made this holiday are no- bake. AND they are all melt in your mouth amazeballs. Literally… balls of yummy goodness.

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