merry christmas

Last night was the night. I’ve been waiting for it. Wanting it to happen since November 1st, when I first seen the Christmas decorations in Walmart! Craig made us wait until after Thanksgiving. And since we were in Michigan, we had to wait for his day off.


We have a tradition. We play Christmas music. And we hang bulbs on the tree. This is our third Christmas as a family, but the first Christmas that Adelyn cares to help. Last year she hung a few bulbs and was totally over it. This year she pretty much decorated the whole thing. She’d hang a few, then hand me some and point to where she wanted it.



The past two Christmas’, our tree was perfect.  Reds, greens and whites, all distributed evenly. This year… not so much.





But I love it. I thought it would bother me. For those who are FRIENDS fanatics like myself… I tend to be a tad OCD like Monica. Remember the episode where Monica let everyone decorate one side, and then turned it around to the perfect side she did? That was my plan.

BUT it turns out that I like our Christmas tree just the way it is. One day, the tree will be perfect again. I’ll look at it, and feel sad that the babies are all grown up and that part of their imagination is lost.

Adelyn loves everything Christmas. The lights, the bulbs, Santa, reindeer… if it has to do with Christmas, her face is glowing! Driving at night is the best. “OH Mom, look, look.” “Oh Christmas.” “Look Mommy, Christmas.” Stone is still too young, he likes looking at the lights, but has no clue what is going on around him.

We’re taking them to see Santa this coming week. I keep talking it up to Adelyn. She says she wants to. We’ll see how it goes. I have a feeling it will be two kids screaming on his lap, but I’m trying to keep those positive thoughts flowing. OH, how nice it would be to have two smiling kids on Santa’s lap.

What’s your tradition for tree decorating??

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Please ignore the bookshelf. It’s such an eyesore!! Fabric, DVDs, books.. you name it.. it’s on there. hah.