One Year.


1st birthday


Mr. Man. Big Head. Stoner Boner. Brother. Prince Charmin’.

Where OH where has the time gone little one! It seems like just yesterday I wrote your birth story. It’s still so fresh in my memory. You’re growing into the sweetest little man I’ve ever met! You’re starting to test the waters, and I can’t help but laugh each time you do. You’re still a baby in many ways though. .Still nervous to take those first few steps on your own. Still nursing like a 3 month old. Still up a million times a night. Still needing to be rocked to sleep. Soon these things will be memories. ONE marks the end of babyhood and the start of toddlerhood. I’m clinging on to the last of these baby moments. The milky morning breath, sweet soft ramblings, the way your butt shakes when you crawl really fast, your chubby baby rolls. I’m breathing it all in, soaking it up. I can’t get enough.



Both kids have birthdays very close to Christmas, but it is my goal to make their birthday special, separate from Christmas. It was just us, like it has always been for Adelyn’s birthdays. That’s another one of the downsides to living so far away from friends and family. Adelyn’s first and second birthday we had invited a few people down here in Tennessee, and when her birthday came and went, we heard nothing. So I’ve decided to make birthday’s a close knit “just us” thing. Until they are old enough for friends to come over.

all of us

The one special thing was that Aunt Nic is here to help us celebrate!! And thanks to the technology we were able to Skype with both of our parents for the opening of presents and then for cake.



(he’s HEAVYYYYY! in case you couldn’t tell my my straining face. hah.)







I love you Prince Charmin’.

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