spring cleaning.

I can’t do it. All morning, I’ve walked into Adelyn’s room, garbage bag in hand… look around and that’s it. My chest starts to feel heavy and my body gets tingly, so I walk out.

The plan is to clean out all the toys. All the things that are no longer played with. We need to make room. Since my sister took over Stone’s room, his crib is in ours, but all of his toys are in with Adelyn. It’s a disaster zone.


I don’t know why it’s so hard, I know they won’t miss the toys. Each toy represents something, either a gift, hand-me-downs or special big sister presents. Things she hasn’t played with in months. Infant toys he hasn’t touched ever.


Saying good bye to babyhood. It’s hard.

flower clip: c/o Treena Bean

I don’t know what to do with the toys. I’ve always just dropped off clothes and other things at Goodwill. Which I think is great. But Goodwill charges for people to buy these things. I want these toys to go to a family in need, a family that can’t afford to even shop at Goodwill, because lets be honest… there are families worse off than us, and some things at Goodwill are too overpriced for me.


February is going to be a month of organizing. Spring cleaning a tad early. Out with the old, in with the clean and organized. I’m at peace when everything has a place, and lately, nothing has a place. There is just too much stuff in this house, I look around, and it looks a mess… even though it was just cleaned. Every closet in this house is filled and over flowing, our attic might cave in on us.

So with our tax money this year, after paying ahead our bills, I will be scouring every thrift store searching for storage solutions, I have a million ideas thanks to Pinterest, it’s just finding the right pieces for the right price.


In the mean time, tell me, how do you keep your house organized? What storage options have worked best for your house. What about the kids rooms?

Hope you had a fabulous weekend, or week, as I’m not sure when you’re reading this.

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