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If you’ve been checking in and wondering why I havn’t posted in almost two weeks… I’m sorry. Busy time in the shop, a trip to MI and super duper sick littles. Every one is almost back to normal, and schedules are slowly being put in back into place. It was nice though, no schedule. OH, yes…. so nice.


Our trip to MI was great. We didn’t do much, actually we didn’t really visit with anyone. Three days just isn’t long enough. I’ve learned through the past few years not to make plans, while up there. Things get to hectic and life happens, which means plans sometimes fall through, and I hate to disappoint. So we just go with the flow.


Every night I’d go over the following days events in my head. It usually went something like this:

Wake up around 630 or 7, have breakfast. Everyone shower and dressed. Have small snack and pack bag for the day. Out the door by 10AM.



gs glasses

Hah… yeaaaa. Now here is how it actually goes:

Wake up around 830-9, because we’re an hour ahead in MI and go to bed way past our normal bedtime. Figure out what each one wants for breakfast and most likely calm a temper tantrum. NEED COFFEE. Change smelly diapers, stop every thing because Adelyn has to pee and has to be the center of attention. Go to take a shower but Stone is crying because I left the room. Play cars and princesses. Decide to check my Email. Look at the clock on laptop. IT’S NOON. Where did my morning go?! It’s already lunch time, then nap time. Everyones up around 3, but since it’s an hour (or more) car ride to go see anyone, that puts our ETA about 5PM to get anywhere, which is then dinner time and then bedtime.


Just thinking about it makes my head spin.



Stone got to hang out with his future wife and Adelyn got to spend time with her long distance BFF. It was perfect. Adelyn and Taylor played as if they hung out every day of their life. Adelyn didn’t want to leave, and Taylor locked herself and Adelyn in her room when I said it was time to go “I don’t want Adelyn to go!” . AWE!




We’ll be back up there again in a week, for 2 days… taking care of some stuff. I’m looking forward to it, but dreading it at the same time. The 10 hour car ride is hard on the kids. And when we got home this last time, Adelyn cried. As soon as we pulled into our sub, she started saying she didn’t want to go home, “Lets go back to MI, I want to play with Taylor, and see NaNa and G, I don’t want to go home.”… This went on for about an hour and a half, the sobbing, tears, forceful cry. Until Super Mom chimed in with a “Lets go get a present from the store.” So way past her bedtime, we went to the store and she got to pick out something special. (she ended up picking out an Elmo VDay book and tic tacs, in case your dying in suspense.) On the way there, she whispered to me “Mom, lets just go to MI”… hah, oh dear, if it was that simple.

Poor thing.

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