ANNOUNCEMENT: the number 3 = 5


I’m just over 8 weeks… according to 2 ultrasounds.
and I’ve never been this sick in my LIFE!

I’m looking forward to:
the nausea leaving my body.
feeling the baby move for the first time.. again.
bigger boobs.
finding out the sex and picking a name.
snuggling a newborn.
teeny clothes.
kissing lips that don’t pull away from me.
smelling “new baby” all the time.
newborn cry’s.

looking into the most innocent eyes in the world.

the feeling of love at first sight… again.

I’m NOT looking forward to:
getting fat… again.
the hormonal imbalance.
the pain that comes with birth. (oh the pain!)
sleepless nights.

It’s the reason I’ve been lacking on the posts. I just can’t get the energy to open  my laptop. When I do get little spurts of energy (nausea free), it’s usually spent making up for lazy days with the kids. So, know that I have not forgot about this special little place.. and hopefully in 4-6 weeks I’ll be back to my normal feeling self.

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12 weeks

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