12 weeks

12 weeks words 

So many of you have emailed me about the pregnancy (THANKS!) and some of you have been wondering if I was going to document it here. Of course.

Those black sweatbands  on my wrists are called Sea Bands, and I have not taken them off in WEEKS! They truly are my lifesaver. They are for motion sickness and nausea, and totally help with morning sickness! Now that the morning sickness seems to barely creep in, I’m afraid to take them off.

I snapped that picture in the changing room of Target. I’m in desperate need of cute summer clothing, and can’t seem to find anything that fits right. What happened to all the empire waisted dresses that were so in?? Cause I’m in need of them NOW! I absolutely adored this dress, but didn’t end up buying it. Mainly because I doubt I’d be able to wear it after a few more weeks.

We’ve been playing with name ideas, and have no leads whatsoever! Hopefully once we find out the sex, it will be easier. Adelyn seems to think it’s a girl, cause she keeps walking around the house talking about her sister. We’ll see if she’s right.

All in all, week 12 has been one of the best weeks since I found out. And since the 2nd trimester is only days away, I’m hoping it’s the start of being able to enjoy my littles and this pregnancy. Because, this 1st trimester has kicked my bootay!!!



16 weeks

ANNOUNCEMENT: the number 3 = 5