16 weeks

The bump is growing. This means that nothing fits me anymore. (insert sad crying face here) I've been living in stretchy tanks and lounge shorts, no frilly or pretty maternity photos here. To be honest, half the time I'm not even wearing make-up. Which is HILARIOUS, because when I was pregnant with Adelyn, 4 years ago, I swore to the high heavens I would never be that mom. If I leave the house, I try to primp and prep a little bit, but nothing like when I'm not pregnant. Something about growing  a person inside of me makes it ok.

Friday night we hit a milestone!!!! I finally felt this little peanut move inside me.  You'd think after having two already, this wouldn't be that big of a deal. Maybe it's that this pregnancy has been physically and emotionally draining, or maybe it's because I always think what if.... either way, those first few flutters made my heart swell with happiness. For me, it makes it real. You can hear the heart beating, you can see it beating not the screen, but it doesn't really hit you that a person is inside of you till you feel them kicking and making themselves known. 

The sickness is finally gone. Making a few appearances these past few weeks, but nothing too bad. I still have the Sea Bands on, still too afraid to take them off. Having a bit more trouble this time around with the whole body image thing than I did before, IDK, but I definitely don't feel like myself!

Pretty soon we'll be finding out the sex! I thought about waiting, and letting it be a surprise, but Craig is not keen on surprises (he always tells me what my presents are!), and while I love surprises, I want to pick names and clothes. Everyone seems to be Team Blue... and while I'm pretty neutral, I have a feeling it's a girl.
What do you think?? Any guesses?? Any name suggestions?? I'm having a hard time finding names that fit well with Adelyn and Stone, so any suggestions are welcomed!!

Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend! 



12 weeks