Lately, the little things that have brought me happiness are:

The ability to enjoy a cup of coffee first thing in the AM! The first trimester forced me to cut out my beloved, but we're back together now! (while I love my Keurig, nothing beats a cup of french press!)

Cathching little bonding moments between my little loves. It melts my heart.

Adelyn's new found love fore the camera, and all of her funny poses she insists on me capturing. Like funny faces.

Bike rides. Stone hates sitting in the buggy, but Adelyn couldn't be happier riding with her Daddy.

Mornings accessories and reading. The fact that several times a day you can find both of my kids sitting with a book.

Stone's "cheese" face he makes on command never fails to make me laugh.

Playing outside in high heels. She cracks me up with her need for accessories!

My little intern helping me send off orders.

Baking with my mini me.

Summer colors.

Getting ready for "work". 

Craig surprising me with a vintage beach cruiser, which he's in the process of turning into my dream bike. (before and after post when he's done)

Sometimes I have to force myself to find the joy, like when dealing with sibling arguments or adult arguments, but I find that life is so much easier when we focus on what makes us happy oppose to what makes us sad/mad.

What little moments/things have brought you joy lately? 


a summer fair.

16 weeks