a summer fair.

Sensory overload. The sights, smells and sounds. The taste of greasy goodness and sugar bliss.
OH YES, a Summer Fair.

Going to the fair is a bit like sharing a piece of my childhood with her. 

We definitely indulged in the greasy goodness! I was hoping for an elephant ear, but had to settle for a Funnel Cake, just as well, both are a top favorite, and it did not disappoint.

I'm not sure why we didn't take Stone on the train, I didn't even think about it until they shut the gate. Poor Stone, always getting shafted and thought of as the little baby. Momma loves you to the moon and back little prince charmin'.

More greasy yumminess! We've been in the south for 5 years now, and have yet to try all those crazy deep fried goodies you always hear about. Using the excuse of Pregnancy, I decided to give it a go. OMG. Fried oreos = pure joy in your mouth! The Fried pickles will be ordered again too. How have I lived almost 27 years without trying these?? Next fair, fried twinkie! OH YES! I can hardly wait.

Life Event: First time EVER riding a ride alone! EEEP. How exciting!

I'm not sure why, but every time we get on a carasoul, Adelyn wants to sit in the bench seating. After talking it up for 5 mins and practically bribing her with cotton candy, I got her to sit on the horse. YEE HAW! We were both glad she did. Trying new things, it's what we're all about.

And after the sun started to set, we made our way over to the bleachers for the derby. Adelyn made a friend and the kids played in the grass while us adults enjoyed some old fashioned car crashin' fun.

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