destination relaxation.

A family vacation. 
Including my mom, dad, little brother Grant, myself, Craig, Adelyn, Stone, sister Nic, sister Lauren and brother Charlie.
Destination: Siesta Key Beach, FL and Disney World.

13 hours in the car.

First time seeing the ocean. The feet couldn't move fast enough!

Above: visiting their great NaNa, (great great grandmother)
Below: Oompa (my great grandfather), my momma and G-Man.

Stone racing PaPa to the beach.

Sunset at the beach. Mommy-Daughter seashell searching.

Waking up and walking a few doors down for coffee at my parents, 
Grant hanging out and watching movies with my littles before bed, 
the kids asking to see NaNa or PaPa and being able to say "go ahead, don't run though".

I didn't want to leave. I didn't want it to be a vacation.

Watching the kids love my parents. 
Seeing the bond they share even though hundreds of miles keep them apart. 
Seeing the way Adelyn mimics her uncle  G's every move, the way she looks up to him. 
Her face lighting up every time she found a seashell to put in her bucket. 
Canoeing in the Gulf with my sister and then the shore with Adelyn. 
Floating around the pool while watching Adelyn's fear of swimming disappear. 
My dad and Craig bonding over morning beach bike rides.
The way Stone was glued to his NaNa's neck 24/7.

Four days went by too fast, but brought so much happiness to my heart. I left feeling blessed. Blessed to have such a beautiful family to share these moments with. To reminisce with in the years to come over this vacation and all the little moments that made it special. 

Major THANK YOU to my parents for making it all possible!

Disney photo's coming soon.

stop and smell the roses!

week 27