35 weeks | packing the hospital bag and nerves

At my OB appointment this past week, the doctor let me know that my cervix is "favorable" and that I'm dilated to 2. I know, I know, that doesn't really mean anything, as I could stay dilated to 2 and go a few more weeks, but I was at a 1 or 2 with Stone  and a few days later he was here. So it has my mind racing.

I'm not really all that nervous about birth, I'm more nervous about the kids. I have NO idea what we're going to do when I do go into labor! Especially if it's in the middle of night.  I had envisioned my sister being here, but since she moved back to Michigan, I just don't know who would be able to drop everything to come be with our kiddo's. I asked Craig the other night around 9 PM 

"Just pretend, what if my water broke right this second, what would we do, like with the kids?"
He answered "Bring them to the hospital with us." 

Which is probably what would happen. How ridiculous is it that we've lived here for 5 years, and have yet to find that


I know I'd be able to take them to a few places, a few friends have offered their home, which I am extremely grateful for. BUT, I just can't envision myself waking them up in the middle of the night and just dropping them off somewhere. I can't imagine how confused and upset they'd be... I mean... they've never spent more than a few hours away from me. I'd rather either keep them in their beds oblivious to their world changing


keep them close. I've even thought about just driving myself to the hospital when the time comes and having Craig stay with them. BUT then that's not fair to him, to not witness the birth of his child... we'll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

In my perfect world, I'd go into labor in the morning, being able to explain and feel comfortable with leaving the kids with a friend... go to the hospital, have Abel by late afternoon, and have the kids in the hospital with me by bedtime. Too bad the world isn't perfect.

So to busy my mind, I've been getting things ready around here. The car seat is ready, Abel's clothes are washed and hung, and the hospital bag is packed. Want to peek inside?

What's iside: (pictured)


: Post- birth gown and robe. Slippers. My going home outfit: Pinstripe yoga pants and a loose fitting t shirt.


: 2 gowns. Receiving blanket. Blanket. Going home outfit #1 (newborn). Going home outfit #2 (0-3 mos). Handmade apple hat and sweater. Onesies. Bunny Lovey.

With this being #3, I'm pretty confident in what I need to bring and not bring. Of course I have my list of things to grab last minute. Like camera, laptop, phones, all chargers, toiletries, pillows/blankets, boppy, Craig's comfy clothes, etc...  

Good thing our rooms are a good size! LOL. Cause I literally move in while I'm there.  I know some of you are reading that, like, OMG this girls nuts! hah. I like to be comfy, what can I say.


I was so excited to find my  

gown and robe

! I have been searching high and low for a post-birth gown. Something comfy and cute. Some flowy and not at all clingy. Something that I can easily wear to nurse in and yet still look cute in those hospital pics! I found nothing! I knew I wanted a gown, preferably sleeveless and non-granny-ish. The robe was found at Target, it's a really soft jersey knit. The gown was finally found at Marshalls, same material as the robe, only a bit lighter, and it's exactly what I was looking for. I can't tell you the amount of hours I've spent online searching for gowns and chemises! 


apple hat and sweater

are a must for the hospital bag, too. They were handmade for my little brother. My mother passed them down to Adelyn when I was pregnant with her. Each has worn them. I love the blue and red airplane outfit, and love it even more because it matches the hat and sweater! Like I've said before, I have a feeling this one is going to be on the large side, so the airplane outfit is 0-3 months (a small 0-3 mos) but I did bring that little green monster newborn outfit incase he's itty bitty.

So that's my must- have list


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