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Technically I'm 34 weeks as of yesterday. This picture was taken  3 days ago, but I don't think I've changed all that much, maybe dropped a teensy bit lower.
anddd I'm ready to be un-pregnant!  
Every time I post a picture onto Facebook or IG, I am overwhelmed with the warm comments. Ya'll surely know how to make me feel good about myself. I am constantly hearing how easy I make pregnancy look. OH MAN. If you only knew! haha.  

I'm miserable. Sciatic nerve pain that sends shooting pains thoughout my body at the lift of each leg. Kicks to the cervix that literally bring me to my knees. Restless leg syndrome. Unable to sleep nor get comfortable. Pregnancy may look well on me in a photo, but it definitely takes a toll physically and emotionally.

I'm also starting to get really nervous on baby Abel's size! I have a feeling that I'm further a long than the doctor says. According to my due date, I wasn't even pregnant when I took the at-home pregnancy test, but we'll see! If I truly am right on schedule, this kid is going to be gigantic! I'm not sure how I'm going to make it 40 weeks!

We started ballet last week! It's truly a dream come true to her. It's all she talks about, and she wants to go back! Her love of ballet started at a very young age, due to Angelina Ballerina. Finding a ballet studio was the difficult part!

We weren't allowed in the room, and all the pictures I took were through a two way mirror, so I apologize for the crappiness.

For her first time, you would have never known! Especially because she's a late comer, the other girls have been attending class for over a month. She didn't care that I wasn't in the room with her, she didn't even say bye as she followed her new friends into class. She followed instruction better than anticipated, mimicking the teachers every move.

She's a natural.

I have to admit, my heart swelled when the other momma's made comments like "Idk who's little girl this is, but she is really really good". My little ballerina. Angelina taught her well.

Flowers sent just because from my mommy!

Yummiest recipe for this Pumpkin Bread can be found here.

Today marks the last day of Summer. Which means tomorrow is officially Fall. My favorite time of year! Cooler weather. New PJ's. Warm snuggles. Pumpkin Bread! My birthday. Halloween.

Fall is also usually the one time of year I make sure to head home to Michigan for at least a week. Nothing beats a Michigan Fall! Apple pickin'. Fresh Cider. Warm fresh sugar donuts. Pumpkin Patches. Cider Mills. You name it, if it has anything to do with Fall, you can find it in Michigan! Since I'm so far a long this year, with appointments weekly, we're not able to make it up. Which has me feeling more homesick than ever! The pregnancy hormones aren't helping the situation either.

But we're gonna make the best with what Tennessee has to offer.  Maybe Abel will make an early, healthy appearance and we'll make it to Michigan for Fall after all. A girl can dream.

With the cooler weather setting in, I found the need to pick up my crochet hook. I had made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year to do at least ONE granny square per day, so by Christmas I'd have a full size afghan. I broke that promise! Something about 110 degrees and a lap full of wool yarn didn't fit well together. But I'm back on the bandwagon, and even whipped up 4 yesterday! Wanna join me?? Use hashtag #grannyaday on IG and document your lovelies!

I absolutely adore this granny square! It's super fast and quite oversized (I love me some oversized crochet projects!), so you don't have to make as many! I use thick wool yarn with an N hook. The finished square ends up being almost 7.5" x 7.5". Quite a few of you saw it on Instagram (@kristanlynn) and have emailed me about the pattern, which I will be posting in a few weeks, hopefully. 


Fresh flowers in the work space!

There have been some changes going on in the shop lately too! I've added a few holiday cards as well as renewed some Autumn themed cards, so be sure to check them out. We've also completely changed our line of cards! We are now an ECO- FRIENDLY card shop! All cards are now printed on premium recycled white linen card stock! This is something that I've been working on for awhile. Going green. It's taken a lot of research, time and prep, but I'm so happy with the outcome. And I know you will be so much happier with your purchase knowing that no trees were harmed in it's making.

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