stop and smell the roses!

"...remember to stop and smell the roses..."

A few of the thousands of flowers I received from Adelyn on our summer vacation, which I saved for journaling.

I started a ritual with Adelyn when she was about 4 months old. Every time we saw flowers I would take a second and have her smell them. Explaining that she should always stop to smell the flowers. I know she had no idea what I meant at the time, but she always got excited to sniff them.

Before Stone, it was just us. I didn't blog then. I didn't have an Etsy shop then. I didn't craft or really do anything. Every second was spent with her. Playing with her. Singing with her. Teaching her. Literally, every second of her waking hours! I could not get enough of her. I could not be away from her. I knew there would come a time when it wouldn't be like that, just me and her. Not only would she grow up and become her own person, but I knew there would be siblings at some point. I knew that life would eventually get hectic.

I think that was part of why I taught her to stop and smell the flowers every time we saw them. To remind us of the simpler times.

Before Adelyn I didn't stop to smell the roses. The birth of her taught me to do that. To cherish her every breath, laugh, giggle and cry. After becoming a mother I looked at the world differently. And I wanted to show her that world. Teach her what she taught me.

Now that she's three and a half, she still stops to smell every single flower we come across. I don't have to remind her now. Whether we're walking by someone's garden, a business landscaping or the bouquets in Walmart, she's stopping. Sniffing. mmmmmmm-ing.

It is not just me and her anymore. 
Life is a little more hectic. But she doesn't notice. She's never to busy to stop and enjoy the sight of flowers!

We're always in a rush it seems. Dinner has to be made, orders have to be out, nap time is coming, dad's going to be home soon, appointments... etc... etc... etc..

I have to admit, sometimes.... when she tugs and starts to pull her hand away from mine.... I start to get flustered. There are times when I start to say "Adelyn, not now, we're in a hurry. C'mon". Sometimes it comes out. But she's already running full force towards the flowers. When I start cursing myself for being the one who taught her that love of flowers, I'm reminded. There's a reason I started this! She's teaching me again
I watch her smiling and making ::mmmm:: sounds, when she grabs a handful of someone's landscaping and runs over saying "happy mother's day mommy" (cause in our house, to my kids, every day is mother's day or a birthday!), she teaches me again. This is what life is all about. I should never be too rushed to stop and smell the flowers. To stop and enjoy life. To enjoy her.

This is why I taught her at 4 months old. I knew this time would come, moments when life would be too hectic, and I would once again, start to forget the importance of stopping to smell the roses.

I taught her, sister taught him. Sibling love. Their love. It melts me!

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