My dearest Adelyn, 
you're love of ballet started long before 
you slipped your foot into your first pair of ballet slippers. 
You weren't even two when you first watched Angelina Ballerina
You were hooked. It's the reason you call headbands Gracies, 
because Angelina's friend Grace always wore a headband. 
Watching you blossom into a little ballerina 
through the two-way glass makes my heart happy. 
Listening to you practice on the hardwood,
 repeating Shuffle. Hop. Step. will never get old. 
Seeing your first friendships form with other little ballerina's is bittersweet. 
You look forward to visiting with your ballet friends each week. 
If we arrive and someone is already there, 
you can't get out of the car fast enough to greet them. 
While it stings my heart just a tad to see you laugh 
and whisper secrets into someone's ear other than my own, 
it also brings my heart great joy.
Where has the time gone? 
It seems like just yesterday it was just me and you, 
twirling to the Angelina Ballerina theme song. 
Now you have brothers, and friends and playdates. 
Now you aren't just twirling but dancing. 
I can feel the lump in my throat grow bigger at just the thought. 
I love you my little princess ballerina. 

Leg Warmers c/o Little Bird Bands.

The Pinterest Housewife