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Last night, Stone told me I was an asshole. Literally. He got out of the bathtub as I was changing Abel's diaper, so I told him to get back in and he stomped towards the tub, stopped, cocked his head and said "mom, you being asshole".... guess I should stop calling Craig that.. huh?! 

Tonight, after grilling some brats and hot dogs, as Craig was making dinner plates... Stone comes up to me, whips out his penis and says "hey, mom... I gotta hot dog". He then proceeded to ask Adelyn, Craig and I if we would like to eat his hot dog.
I'm in trouble with this one!

Adelyn has become the mouth of the south. She tells me what she is doing, when she is doing it and why I am not. She also likes to put her hands on her hips and stomp to her room when something doesn't go her way. Picking and choosing my battles with her.

(@ the capitol)

(new cards in the shop)

This kid loves all things handmade, and I can not express how happy it makes my heart. From making her own bracelets, to having her bed full of handmade dolls/lovies. If she sees something she really wants or likes, the first thing she asks is "Can you/we make that" or "Can dad build that for me".

Above: getting ready to leave for her recital | Below: hanging out backstage

I believe this is our first family picture, and while the old man taking it was having huge troubles, I am so thankful he offered to snap this. 
I will forever cherish it!

Bibbity Bobbity Boo | Independence Day

michigan snapshots