a Venice Beach Sunset | Venice Beach Fishing Pier

The beauty of a sunset might be in the stunning colors...
or it may have something to do with the fact it marks the time when littles lay their heads on pillows... you decide.

Golden shadows casted about,
sounds of laughter, 
the smell of salt and good food,
Watching the sunset over the pier.
Sand under our bare feet.
Learning about fish from the local fishermen.
Littles making new little friends at this magic(al) hour.
A stroller that has circle wheels that turn to square ones in the sand.
A daredevil child who has no fear of climbing pier rails to look down.
And complete meltdowns on the walk back to the car.
Literal end-of-my-life-as-you-know-it meltdowns
... the kind that could only be solved with a bribe of a Hershey's bar.
Real life.

Stone has this whole screeching when he's pissed thing down PAT; Adelyn never stops talking, and Abel is into EVERYTHING. So right now, yes... heads hitting pillows is music to my ears.

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