PSA | the mall

We've spent quite a bit of time at the mall these past few days. So I'm feeling the need to make a Public Service Announcement... for those of you who have no common sense.

1. That little area, that is sectioned off, has padded flooring and soft toys for kids to climb on. You know, the children's play area? Yea... well there is a sign in the entrance way... it tells you the height your child must be. It is 36" or SHORTER. I know... maybe you thought you were at Cedar Point, Six Flags or Busch Gardens, and that sign meant you must be at least 36" tall or taller to play... but I'm sorry to inform you that you're wrong. It states you must be BELOW 36" to play.

2. If your rambunctious 10 year old (who is well over the 36" height limit) is running full speed toward my barely standing 9 month old... I WILL play lineman and block his ass. Further more, if your child who does meet the restrictions pushes, hits or is mean to my child, I may accidentally trip them!

3. It is NOT OK to just touch my kids. I know they are cute. I know when you see them you, it's like a moth to a flame, but please resist. This is especially directed towards men, call me sexist if you must. While I find it troubling for anyone, including random women to touch my kids... I especially find it really disturbing for a man to just run his fingers through my sons (Stone) hair slowly, as we're walking by. (WTF right? I mean... WHAT.THE.FUCK.)

4. When you see Adelyn standing in the caboose of the mall train, practicing her princess wave and blowing kisses... maybe you could like... do a courtesy, throw some roses and ohhhhh and ahhhhh. Ya know... not everyone can be Kate and just marry into royalty.


5. HOLD THE DAMN DOOR! Seriously. Common courtesy. Even if it's not for a struggling woman by herself with 3 kids under 36",  just HOLD.THE.DOOR.
(Shout out to the lady at Ikea the other day, who saw me struggling to push two carts to the car by myself with all three kids . She jumped out of the car her husband was driving, pushed one of my carts all the way to my car on the other side of the lot and offered to help me load them into the trunk. Lady, you rock! SideNote: What the hell is wrong with those front wheels on Ikea carts?! Is it just me??)

a rare and perfect tomorrow

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