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This book is amazing for young girls, especially if they love TinkerBell and/or the Disney Fairies. Adelyn is 4.5 and we read this book in 3 days. She couldn't wait to get book 2 in this series, she is also ecstatic that there are two more to read. I highly recommend it.

Life looks differently through the lens of a camera. It's little peeks, snapshots, into reality.

You usually don't get to see the tantrums or overflowing piles of laundry.
You don't hear the grown up arguments that are inevitable.
You don't feel the stress of finances or rather lack of.
Sometimes you see a pouty face of a little one at the fair, with a caption reading "I wanted the unicorn" "But I want the unicorn IT'S SOOOO FLUFFYYYYYYY" and while it's hilarious, you don't see the life or death need in that 4 year olds eyes.
You see happy smiling PreK drop off photos, but what you don't see is the baby on my chest wanting breakfast and the toddler throwing himself on the ground as I'm (literally) dragging him out of the school, pleading and bribing, willing to give him anything he wants to just stand on his two damn feet and walk.

You can't have the good without the bad. And lets face it, the bad parts are what makes the story of your life, this one and only life, so interesting and unique.

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a rare and perfect tomorrow