Every morning is different around here. Sometimes, after dropping Adelyn off, we come home and swim or clean, other mornings we go grocery shopping and run errands. On this particular morning though, we went to the Venice beach Pier. 
Eventually, once I get this whole morning routine thing down... it will include a walk, here.

Stone ran along the railing, stopping every so often to look out over the ledge. He sat in awe of the fishermen unhooking dangling fish. He got to see the dolphins. Not like while we're at the beach where you see a fin here and there. He got to see several, up close.

And then, while we were walking back, a shadow came out of nowhere from beneath the pier. At first I was confused, until I looked down and there were millions of little fish. Yes, this shadow is not a shadow, but a school of fish.

I like walking, observing. The ocean calms my soul. Things are far from perfect; Craig and I have had several conversations these past few weeks, wondering if moving our family to Florida was the right move. When I look out into the sea, I know, this is where I'm suppose to be. Something... pulling me, holding me here. I can't explain it.  

florida | the grass is not greener

our spot | Caspersen Beach + VSCOcam