Happy Birthday, Abel Cash

I can't watch this video without crying. I am not videographer, and a lot of these shots are from the iPhone, it took me way too long to piece it all together, and then even longer to find the perfect song, but the end result is perfect, for me, us, him.

Abel Cash,
You've taught me so much about myself. You've helped mold me into the person I am. Before you, I knew everything about everything, and you turned my world upside down.  With out you, in my life, I would have never known the true lengths of my love. I am thankful for this year I spent with you and every single day I get to spend with you hereafter. You are a gift, and I am beyond grateful to call you son. Thank you for the light you bring, your dimples that make me melt and your wobbly walk that always makes me smile.

song is I Get To Be The One by JJ Heller

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