New Years Day was spent at Disney World. A magical start to the new year!

"A snapshot of my littles, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Adelyn: This is the second time she met Cinderella, but there was something so magical about this encounter. They had a moment. I can't describe it, but it is seared into my memory. She waited patiently in line, and as the little girl in front of us moved on, she looked up at me and asked if it was her turn. I said yes and she sprinted towards Cinderella. Cinderella knelt down and they just embraced. They sat like this for a solid three minutes, or longer. No words we said. I walked around and snapped pictures, the Disney photography snapped pictures, and they just sat in that embrace. Cinderella just smiled. My eyes filled with tears and the lump in my throat grew. I looked around and noticed that everyone was starring and crying. I finally tried helping Adelyn along to pull back and talk… and Cinderella softly said "Oh no, she is fine, this is perfect" and they embraced a tad longer. When Adelyn finally peeled back and looked at her they just gazed and smiled. The whispered some things back and forth, giggled and hugged again. PURE MAGIC.
Stone: He played peek-a-boo with Minnie. He was ecstatic to meet all of the characters, but only went up to three: Rapunzel, Tinkerbell and Periwinkle. He rode all the rides sister did and walked around free from the stroller almost the entire day.
Abel: This babe was in awe. He loved looking at every single character. While waiting in line, he tried breaking free from me to go to them, but once we got up there, he kept his distance. The one time Craig tried to take him up to Daisy… he FREAKED. Scared shitless that boy was. LOL.


To the girl who played Cinderella- I know you won't read this, but I hope somehow it finds you. Thank you for making this day the most magical day ever for my little princess! Each and every character at Disney is amazing and great with the kids, but you went above and beyond what could ever be expected. You are truly Cinderella in her eyes, and as a parent, I know you see and hug thousands of kids each day, to make my daughter feel like she was the only kid in the world in that moment is something I can not say thank you enough for. Thank you for putting that little twinkle in her eye, keeping the magic alive.

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