2014 | SIMPLE

I sat down to pick my one little word for the year. 2013 my word was INSPIRE. This year picking one word is harder. The first word that comes to mind is SIMPLE, but there is so much more meaning behind that one little word, so I wrote a list of words that seemed to fit what I was feeling:

simplify; live; grace; release; embrace; intentional; rejoice

My OLW, turned into a phrase. My 2014 mantra.
In 2014 I will choose to simplify my life; Embrace the beauty around me, release the stress of the unknown. I will move forward intentionally, with my words and actions. I will rejoice in this life I live and what God has given me. I will embrace my little ones for what they are, an ever growing ball of wonder and treat their natural human behavior (tantrums) with grace. I will live a life I love.

My 2014 goals: 
Breathe life back into this space, first and foremost!
Attend a creative writing workshop.
Become a yogi.
Attend a photography workshop.
Go standup paddle boarding.

Sunset captured on Sanibel Island, Fl.


just beachy