I'm feeling pretty burnt out lately. December and January were ridiculously busy in the card shop. With hundreds of orders from the shop and a few HUGE wholesale orders from Urban Outfitters… I've done nothing but work on folding, stuffing and packaging.
It's left me feeling pretty shitty as a SAHM, since I'm constantly saying "hold on… let me just finish this one order" or "I can't right now, mommy's really busy, but I promise, soon, we'll be able to do something".
So I've put the shop on vacation until March, that way I can try and get back into my groove. I'm hoping to reopen with a dozen new cards (practicing my calligraphy skills) and a fresh outlook on the direction my shop is going. I'm also implementing tracking on all orders, which sucks because it's almost doubling the shipping cost…. but to be honest… if I have to explain to one more person that I do not offer tracking, and that it clearly states in my shop announcement, shop policies and in the email that is sent to every single buyer after there purchase… I might just LOSE IT.

Speaking of people who bug me, Adelyn had a birthday party to attend recently. I was excited for her, but I'm not much of a people person. And I knew there would be dozens of mom's there. Ones that I see every single day at drop-off, but can avoid talking to since mornings tend to be rushed. BLEH! I'm not a good conversation starter, a bit of an introvert, if you will. Anyways, while I was being my typical, antisocial self, just sitting there pretending to look at my phone, when I was really eavesdropping, I over heard a conversation of two women. Women that I see every day at drop off, talking about another woman at the party. One that was MUCH younger (and thinner AND prettier.. but that doesn't really matter). They sat there for a good 5 minutes making fun of what she was wearing. A plaid button up. Saying how they threw out all their plaid shirts decades ago and never looked back… what was she thinking. Totally laughing at the poor girl, making cracks at her quietly to keep the other laughing. I wanted to cut in and mention that plaid has definitely been in-style as recently as Fall of 2013… but since I'm pretty much outnumbered by these old unfashionable dimwits… I kept my mouth shut, praying that Adelyn would ask to go home soon. (She didn't.. incase you were wondering.. and by the time I was able to drag her home… my energy levels as non existent, drained doesn't even touch how I felt. Which is odd, because I really just sat there the whole time.)

In other news, we're moving soon. We've been staying with my parents since the big move to Florida, and we finally found a place to rent and to call ours…. for the time being. It's a ridiculously small house…. like SMALL. But it will be ours. And hopefully soon we'll find that perfect house to BUY!
I know you're probably thinking how small. Well… The kitchen has about 2.5 cupboards. And well, while one bedroom is a decent size, the other is SMALL, I've had walk-in closets bigger than this thing!!
I'm not complaining. I've been talking about down-sizing for a year now. Wanting a tiny home. Talking Craig into building a perfect tiny home of our own… it's just now I'm kind of being thrown into one. One that is not an ideal layout for our family, and a bit smaller than the tiny home of my dreams.
I know you're probably still thinking that it's probably not that small. Listen… my parents lanai, which holds half of the kids toys we allowed them to unpack, and is filled wall to wall… is bigger than this whole house!!!
It will be ok, right?
Pray for my sanity, please? hah.