easter | 2014

Our first Easter in Florida. 
I hear Adelyn, faintly, telling us everything that was in her Easter basket, 
then Stone rolling over kicking me in the face, mumbling something about sleeping. 
I hear her, I'm trying to force my eyes open, but every part of me says
She keeps talking about the Easter bunny and finally,
Stone jumped up, ran out of the room and announced that the Easter bunny, did, indeed come. 
The sound of pure joy and excitement in his voice is indescribable. Ecstatic, that boy was.
They searched for eggs around the house and ate chocolate for breakfast. 
Abel wanted nothing to do with any of it, really.
After a few cups of well-needed coffee, we headed out to the fair grounds. 
More egg searching, lots of prizes and some hooping action.
Dinner at mom's with the Florida family, Skype date with the Michigan family.
The only thing missing was a trip to the beach. It was only 70(ish) degrees, so we passed.

Can we talk about my girls hoopin' skills?? She's a natural, and I know it's only a matter of time until she's asking for a fire hoop and leaving everyone around in complete awe. And to be honest, I can't wait.
Teach me your ways, little one!