a sewing pouch tutorial

a sewing pouch tutorial

A little sewing pouch. There's a place to hold all your pins, needles and safety pins, and a pouch for scissors and thread and whatever else you need to keep on hand. (view another version of this pouch here)

 Start by cutting your fabric.
Outter fabric- 17" x 7"
Inner Fabric- 17" x 7"
Pouch- 5" x 7"
Pin holder- 4.5" x 7"
Felt- 2" x 7 "

What you'll need:
Outter Fabric
Inner Fabric
Scrap fabric- for pouches and appliqué
Lace, button, cord and any other trimmings.

After you have your fabric cut, hem the top of your pouch. Then sew the fabric that will hold your felt by folding it in half, right sides together and sewing the long sides together using 1/4" seam. Turn inside out and insert your piece of felt.

Lay out all your pieces and start pinning into place. As shown above.

You can play with your scrap pieces and other trimmings to see where you want them on your outer fabric. I did this by folding the outer piece into thirds and using that as a guide. Once you get everything looking the way you like, pin it into place. (Note that there will be a 1/4" seem allowance after sewing it together)

 Head back over to the sewing machine and start stitching/appliquéing  everything into place. You may have to take out some pins and move things around to get each piece of scrap stitched properly. I used a decorative stitch, but any stitch would work.
dd your button. 

For the inner fabric, you will pin your hemmed pouch on the bottom, and your pin holder (felt inside) in the direct center. Be sure to stitch down any other trimmings you'd like.

Stitch down the top of the pin holder.

If you'd like to keep your scissors and threads separate in the pouch, go ahead and mark where you'd like the scissor pouch to be and stitch down that line. (You do not need to sew up the sides of your pouch, as it will be stitched when we attach the outer and inner fabric)

Once everything that needs to be stitched is done and the pouch is pinned, attach the cord to the top of the outer fabric, taking note of where the button is. 

Next, place the outer and inner fabric right sides together and pin. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew the two pieces together... leaving the top open and unstitched for turning. 

Turn inside out and top stitch all the way around, closing up the turn opening. 

Thats it!

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